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Posted by Scott Samuelson |
Landlocked Film Festival

Editor's Note: A summer full of festivals winds down this week with the second annual Landlocked Film Festival. This year, Iowa City's umbrella organization Summer of the Arts wove Landlocked...

Posted by Warren Sprouse |
Movie Review: What I See When I Close My Eyes

What I See When I Close My Eyes Documentary, 29 min Directed by Leslie Hope Landlocked: Saturday, August 23, 12:30pm as part of the kid-friendly program. The Khmer Rouge just...

Posted by Melody Dworak |
Monster Camp Movie Review

Monster Camp Documentary, 90 min Directed by Cullen Hoback Hardacre: Friday, August 1, 6:00pm For all the types of two types of people in this world, this documentary highlights possibly...

Posted by Scott Samuelson |
This American Gothic Movie Review

This American Gothic Documentary, 63 min Directed by Sasha Waters Freyer Hardacre: Saturday, August 2, 1:25pm; Landlocked: Friday, August 22, 5:30pm In the director's statement for This American Gothic—a documentary...

Posted by Scott Samuelson |
Pond Hockey Movie Review

Pond Hockey Documentary, 79 min Directed by Tommy Haines Landlocked: Saturday, August 23, 3:00pm Pond Hockey is a documentary no hockey fan should miss. But it would be a shame...

Posted by Warren Sprouse |
Kings Movie Review

Kings Narrative, 90 min Directed by Tom Collins Hardacre: Saturday, August 2, 7:00pm Judging from the subtitles in Kings, words which do not translate very easily into 21st century Gaelic...

Posted by Andrew Sherburne |
Illegal Use of Joe Zopp Movie Review

Illegal Use of Joe Zopp Narrative, 90 min Directed by Sarah Rykal Landlocked: Saturday, August 23, 9:30pm Filmmakers constrained by a cheaper-than-dirt budget often turn to horror or shoot-em-up action...

Posted by Sarah Abele |
Alicja Wonderland Movie Review

Alicja Wonderland Short Film Directed by Martin Gauvreau Landlocked: Thursday, August 21, 8:35pm Alicja Wonderland is a surreal Polish exploration of human emotions. Those emotions are a bit hard to...

Posted by Scott Samuelson |
Fix Movie Review

Fix Narrative, 90 min Directed by Tao Ruspoli Hardacre: Friday, August 1, 9pm It's a pleasure to stand on a cliff, a Roman poet once observed, and watch a ship...

Posted by Andy Brodie |
The Sit-Down with Dan Bern

Iowa-born singer-songwriter Dan Bern recently returned to Iowa to visit his mother and ended up sticking around to lend his talents to flood-relief benefits in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids....

Posted by Scott Samuelson |
Loneliest Place on Earth Movie Review

The Loneliest Place on Earth Short Film, 13 min Directed by Cody Stokes Hardacre: Friday, August 1, 8:40pm In Cody Stokes's The Loneliest Place on Earth, which has the elegance...

Posted by Scott Samuelson |
Moonboy Movie Review

Moonboy Short Film Directed by Adam Calfee Hardacre: Friday, August 1, 6:20 Adam Calfee's Moonboy is an animated short about a kid, a kind of everyman, who, as his apathetic...

Posted by Weekender |
Iowa City Weekender: August 13-17

Wednesday, August 13 Iowa City Farmers Market Chauncey Swan Parking Ramp (lower level) 410 E. Washington St. Iowa City, Iowa 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., music by The Gilded Bats from...

Posted by Weekender |
Iowa City Weekender: August 6-10

Wednesday, August 6 A Community of Writers: Creative Writing at The University of Iowa Old Capitol Museum, Pentacrest Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Friday, Saturday: 10 a.m....