Show Photos: Porch Builder, Mountain Sprout @ Gabe's- 3/10

I don’t see much country music swing through here. Sure, there’s always bluegrass and twangy folk to be had on a regular basis, but not straight up, foot-stompin’ country music. I walked outside my comfort zone and caught Porch Builder and Mountain Sprout at Gabe’s on Thursday. They all seemed to be having fun up […]

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Show Photos: IHearIC – 3/8

IHearIC is lovely. In a nutshell, it’s an evening variety hour at the Englert highlighting local talent of all sorts. I was in attendance last week was charmed by the intimate setting – the audience sitting at candlelit bistro tables only feet from the performers showcased. This particular show featured students of the University’s school […]

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Show Photos: Head for the Hills on Little Village Live – 3/2

Head for the Hills did an early evening show for Little Village Live before performing at the Yacht Club later that night. I couldn’t make the late show, so I swung in, with my mom in tow, to catch these talented performers. These four bluegrass musicians are presently promoting their sophomore self-titled album on their […]

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Video: Head for the Hills on Little Village Live

Last week, Little Village Live hosted Head for the Hills, broadcasting live from Public Space One on KRUI 89.7 FM. The traditional bluegrass band kicked off their String Ahead Spring Tour this month, stopping off at The Yacht Club for their second show of the tour.

You can find video of their Little Village Live performance below, and stay tuned for the mp3 podcast of the full show. […]

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Show Photos: Blizzard at Sea, Centaur Noir, Land of Blood and Sunshine, Mondo Drag, Brooks Strause and the Intrusions – 3/5

Another exhausted Sunday. I got my face rocked off at the Wherehouse last night. Blizzard at Sea, Centaur Noir, Land of Blood and Sunshine, Mondo Drag and Brooks Strause and the Intrusions for a $5 cover. Unbeatable. Two bands with singing drummers, a buncha Mission Creek performers and a whole lot of loud noise. I […]

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WikiLeaks and the Movies

In a recent “dump” of diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks, Putin and Medvedev were compared to Batman and Robin. The Slovenian philosophical rock star Slavoj Žižek has taken the simile further and compared Julian Assange, the spooky mastermind behind WikiLeaks, to the Joker in The Dark Knight. In Christopher Nolan’s twist on the Batman myth, the […]

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Books: These are the Breaks

In his collection, These Are The Breaks, Idris Goodwin addresses race, class, culture and rap in essay and prose poetry. He takes a sprawling and diverse topic and does what this sort of work does best: filters it through the lens of the human I.

The I in “I like rap” isn’t like it used to be. There are plenty of rap fans going to work as cops, lawyers, teachers and civil servants every day. Hard to believe that there are many but, statistically speaking, it’s inevitable there are rap heads who are also dedicated Republicans. It used to be it was a lot more monolithic, what rap was. It was conscious, or gangsta, or radio-friendly pop and that was about it. Those were your options. As the genre has matured, there has come to be a lot of what some would call bloat and others would call diversification. […]

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The Tube: March 2011

Conservative producer Joel Surnow’s eight-hour miniseries, The Kennedys, will now premiere in April on something called “ReelzChannel” after being rejected by the History Channel, the nework that originally commissioned it. Its citation-free depiction of Kennedy’s sexual shenanigans (including a scene in which Joseph Kennedy gropes his secretary while advocating U.S. compromise with Hitler) sparked preemptive outrage from prominent historians and inflamed the nation’s ever-growing pundit class. Despite … […]

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Art Scene: Reflections Reproduced

1955 saw the opening of Disneyland in Anaheim, California, the phrase “In God We Trust” added to all currency and Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery. It was also the year that artist, professor and inventor Virginia Myers first stepped off the train in Iowa City. […]

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