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Posted by Kembrew McLeod |
Prairie Pop: The Devil Made Them Do It

The 1980s were ground zero for the Satanic Panics, when thousands of children were allegedly kidnapped, defiled and murdered in ritual abuse ceremonies. Even though police statistics made it clear...

Posted by Patrick Howley |
The Tube: Football Fallout

As the NFL lockout lurches on and throws the upcoming season into question, it’s important to draw attention to the real victims of this bitter labor dispute. Through no fault...

Posted by Weekender |
Iowa City Weekender: April 7-9

Mission Creek is over. Try something new. A change might do you good.

Posted by Tim Gavin |
Show Review: Wye Oak/Callers/Alexis Stevens – The Mill – 4/4/2011

Wye Oak's return to Iowa City was a perfect finish to the 2011 Mission Creek Festival.

Posted by Michael Roeder |
Show Preview: Pieta Brown at The Mill with The Vagabonds, 4/9/11

Pieta is back home this weekend with a show at the Mill on Saturday night. At her side will be her constant companion Bo Ramsey who will be surrounding her...

Posted by Adrianne Behning |
Show Photos: Paleo, Lonelyhearts, Brooks Strause, Kurt Vile @ the Mill – 4/3

In general, I don't drink - but I am certainly going to have a Mission Creek hangover. Despite my exhaustion, tinnitus and many hours spent looking over and over at...

Posted by Adrianne Behning |
Show Photos: Guided by Voices, Times New Viking @ Blue Moose – 4/2

I am a fairly new GBV fan, and while I understood the magnitude of their legacy, I had no idea what I was in for seeing them live. I heard...

Posted by Tim Gavin |
Show Review – DeVotchKa – First United Methodist – 4/02/2011

Churches are significant cultural spaces for many reasons. They are built to both spiritual and practical aims: to focus reverence of the spirit and to reverberate the human voice. Unfortunately. most...

Posted by Adrianne Behning |
Show Photos: Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, Devotchka @ First Methodist – 4/2

Tonight was epic. Walking into First Methodist for a show was strange at first, bringing back memories of the time I spent in churches as a child. I couldn't help...

Posted by Adrianne Behning |
Show Photos: Skye Carrasco @ PS1 – 4/1

Skye stopped in to the KRUI camp at Public Space One on Friday to give folks a taste of what they'd be getting at the Mill later that night. Surrounded...

Posted by Adrianne Behning |
Show Photos: Winter's Ruby, Slut River @ PS1 – 3/31

If you're paying attention, all my blog posts have been chronological. Winter's Ruby and Slut River closed out the night immediately after the Super Sonic Piss show (@ the Tobacco...

Posted by Adrianne Behning |
Show Photos: Mission Bleak: Super Sonic Piss @ Tobacco Bowl – 3/31

I love shows in places where shows don't usually happen. I was especially stoked for this one - not only because SSP is the real deal, but also because I...

Posted by Tim Gavin |
Show Review: Eugene Kelley, Golden Birds – Revival – 4/01/2011

Friday's show at Revival featured solo performances in a funky clothing shop. I didn't get there in time to see Alexis Stevens open, but I did see Eugene Kelley play...

Posted by Adrianne Behning |
Show Photos: Stare Case, Mirror/Dash @ the Mill – 3/31

After a full day of lecture/q&a style appearances, Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore and Chris Corsano took the stage at the Mill to make some pretty sweet noise. I enjoyed watching...