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Posted by Kent Williams | Mar 1, 2010

I forgot to post this, and Matt beat me to the punch posting video from the live show at the Java House Feb 19. RENE HELL [audio:] WET HAIR...

Posted by Matthew Steele | Mar 1, 2010

Wet Hair

Posted by Matthew Steele | Mar 1, 2010

Milwaukee pt 2 Won't You Let Me Carolina

Posted by Matthew Steele | Mar 1, 2010

Bad Romance Marry Me Tiny Monsters

Posted by Matthew Steele | Mar 1, 2010

Not So Sure Hymn #101 Nobody's Man

Posted by Drew Bulman | Mar 1, 2010

Tallboy Intro The Other Elements - Street Walk/Somethin Outa Nothin Tyrell Spitt and Cellblocc - Hell Yeah Vo - So Cold Rolling Blackout - Basement ]]]]]] (Staples) - Makin Cents...

Posted by Weekender | Feb 25, 2010

If you checked out Little Village Live last night then you know you were treated to a seriously sick and soulful set by Dave Bess of Public Property, currently perfecting...

Posted by Weekender | Feb 18, 2010

Gosh, anybody tune in to Little Village Live last night?  Midwest Dilemma was in-studio, or at least Justin Lamoureux, who recently brought us the album Timelines and Tragedies along with...

Posted by Weekender | Feb 11, 2010

THURSDAY Green Drinks | Red Avocado | 5:30 pm | Free admission - great wine list! This weekend, start your love fest with an alcohol infused meditation on the big...

Posted by Weekender | Feb 4, 2010

Greetings, Weekenders! Big thanks to Caleb Hawley and Reed Waddle for being our special guests on last night's edition of Little Village Live - our weekly radio show, Wednesdays 5-6...

Posted by Craig Eley | Feb 3, 2010

The little club that everyone loves to gossip about was back on blast for the last few weeks, thanks to at least four events: 1, the place being put up...

Posted by John Schlotfelt | Feb 3, 2010

[audio:|titles=Live@Picador|artists=Marlo Eggplant] Marlo Eggplant [audio:|titles=Live@Picador|artists=Rene Hell] Rene Hell [audio:|titles=Live@Picador|artists=TAPE] Tape [audio:|titles=Live@Picador|artists=Mountains] Mountains Experimental concerts, like Monday night's show at the Picador, are good for, if nothing else, watching the way...

Posted by Kent Williams | Feb 2, 2010

The Java House has been branching out into having more live performances of late, and a week after a wonderfully raucous show at the Mill, Kate (of Lipstick Homicide &...

Posted by Kent Williams | Jan 28, 2010

I hauled out the trusty Zoom H4 to the Mill last Saturday night, and recorded some good ol homegrown Iowa Rock & Roll. So Here it is, with no commercial...