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Posted by Matt Butler | Mar 23, 2010

March 2010 – In 1990’s Pump Up the Volume, Christian Slater played Happy Harry Hard-on, a renegade pirate radio deejay who shocked and entertained his growing legion of listeners with...

Posted by Scott Samuelson | Mar 23, 2010

Talking Movies: March 2010 – If you’re the kind of moviegoer who wishes you’d lived back when X was making movies (where X stands for your favorite great director), if...

Posted by Drew Bulman | Mar 22, 2010

A short clip of Dave Moore performing at the Red Avocado with guest Peter Taft on bass. (YouTube)

Posted by Matthew Steele | Mar 22, 2010

CLIP ONE (YouTube) CLIP TWO (YouTube)

Posted by Weekender | Mar 18, 2010

FRIDAY Joe and Vicki Price | George's Buffet | 9 pm | FREE Eastern Iowans Joe and Vicki Price come put the cherry on top of Spring Break week. Parking...

Posted by Drew Bulman | Mar 11, 2010

Note: More events are sure to be added as the festival approaches. Check the Mission Creek blog for updated schedule information. @Prairie Lights7:00 p.m. ReadingAuthor website ASHLEY BUTLER,Author @The Englert7:00...

Posted by Weekender | Mar 11, 2010

Last week I stopped by the Summer Camp Battle of the Bands at the Yacht Club and was reminded that, every now and then, you just need to be in...

Posted by Matthew Steele | Mar 9, 2010

Download printer-friendly PDF of the Festival Guide Flip through the official festival guide for Mission Creek Midwest, 2010 - included as an insert in our March issue.

Posted by Stephanie Catlett | Mar 8, 2010

Features, March 2010 - Sure, an open mic is like a box of chocolates, but Monday night at the Mill is my favorite lime cream-centered, caramel pecan toffee of a...

Posted by Weekender | Mar 4, 2010

Welcome to a special 'Blue Moose Rising' edition of the Weekender. For the last couple of months the newest venue downtown has been making a pretty big splash booking acts...

Posted by Drew Bulman | Mar 3, 2010

Download printer-friendly PDF of the Official Festival Guide MISSION CREEK LITERARY EVENTS AND PANELS FIND EVENTS BY DATE Monday, March 29 Tuesday, March 30 Wednesday, March 31 Thursday, April 1...

Posted by Kent Williams | Mar 1, 2010

I forgot to post this, and Matt beat me to the punch posting video from the live show at the Java House Feb 19. RENE HELL [audio:] WET HAIR...

Posted by Matthew Steele | Mar 1, 2010

Wet Hair

Posted by Matthew Steele | Mar 1, 2010

Milwaukee pt 2 Won't You Let Me Carolina

Posted by Matthew Steele | Mar 1, 2010

Bad Romance Marry Me Tiny Monsters