Prairie Pop: The story of Quirk


When Too Much Joy frontman Tim Quirk played Riverfest in the early-1990s, things didn’t go well. Mother Nature unleashed a shitstorm of epic proportions, so after a long delay, the gig was relocated to a club downtown. Adam Sandler, the opener, was the first to face the out-of-control audience… […]

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Screenshot: Thrill of the Hunt

Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics’ new game Tomb Raider (2013) adopts the strategy of the film Star Trek (2009) in using a prequel-cum-reboot to revitalize a franchise that had run out of steam: You play the game as a version of Lara Croft far younger and less experienced than in her previous 10 iterations, whose experiences in the game are meant to be her “formative” experiences… […]

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Show Photos: Friday at Mission Creek

Here you’ll find photos from Friday April 5 of Chasing Shade, Zeta June, Future Rock, Douglas Kramer Nye, Frank Fairfield, The Pines, Taser Island, Snowblink, Trouble Lights, Zammuto, American Dust, Janeane Garofalo and a few others. Man, I fell way behind, but I am still here! Future Rock, Zeta June, Chasing Shade at Gabe’s Frank […]

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Live Music Preview: April 9-15


With the presence of bands like Foo Fighters and Nickelback, some might say that rock and roll is dying if not dead. On the contrary, I would argue that these bands are not rock and roll. Sure, they look like rock and roll bands with their tattoos and guitars, but they are missing the most important aspect of rocking: swagger. You can’t be rock and roll if you give a fuck. There are bands that embody the rock and roll ethos such as TV Ghost and Guitar Wolf, who have both always ripped first, not caring about whether they were liked or not.

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Your guide to Mission Creek: Sunday


Well, it’s the last day of Mission Creek! I’m both ready to get my life back to normal and sad for the week’s excitement to end. Hopefully this guide has helped you navigate and maximize your fun this week, and luckily, today the schedule is straightforward and free of conflicts.

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Interview with Pete Swanson, playing tonight at Yacht Club

Pete Swanson

Pete Swanson was one half of the experimental electronic music band Yellow Swans, who made their mark as extremely ambitious musicians, and whose performances balanced improvisation, chaotically complex sound treatment and emotionally affecting harmonic progression. […]

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Hitting the wall

Taser Island

My doughty Mormon forbears–who from what I understand stayed for a while at Student Housing over by Coralville on their way to Utah–walked over a thousand miles without the benefit of modern medicine, scientifically engineered footware or Facebook. Maybe if I set off for Salt Lake with all mod cons on foot I’d get used to being on my feet for long stretches. But when I hit the wall during Mission Creek, I hit it feet first. […]

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