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Michael Roeder

Item 9 & the Mad Hatters
Posted by Michael Roeder | May 15, 2014

Item 9 & The Mad Hatters was originally a cover band called Old Style, but in 2010 they added lead vocalist Adam Maxwell to the mix and made the transition...

Tomboys on Parade
Posted by Michael Roeder | Apr 24, 2014

My passion for music started to deepen when I discovered The Beatles in sixth grade. For the first time, I wanted to know everything about a band. This love of...

Bedroom Shine
Posted by Michael Roeder | Apr 7, 2014

If you are a follower of the music website, you have already been exposed to Johnnie Cluney’s illustrations, which give the site its signature pen-and-ink look. What you might...

Posted by Michael Roeder | Mar 19, 2014

Recently, buzz has been building around the band Lake Street Dive. It started with an unexpected appearance on the Colbert Report on Feb. 5, where Stephen Colbert asked the band...

The Surf Zombies
Posted by Michael Roeder | Mar 12, 2014

The Surf Zombies are back with their fourth album, It’s A… THING!, which marks the second album featuring their current band lineup: Founding member Brook Hoover is on guitar along...

Posted by Michael Roeder | Feb 27, 2014

In interviews with R.E.M. around the time of their ‘92 album Automatic For The People, the band commented that it was difficult to write good uptempo...

Greg Brown - Iowa Waltz, 30th anniversary edition
Posted by Michael Roeder | Dec 12, 2013

It is apropos that I’m writing this while sitting in a quiet corner of a warm house during the holidays, revisiting Greg Brown’s 1981 album The Iowa Waltz with...

The Pines and then some!
Posted by Michael Roeder | Nov 22, 2013

It was Glen Campbell who first approached Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson about recording a version of the Jimmy...

Posted by Michael Roeder | Nov 8, 2013

In the laundry, shorts and t-shirts remind me that summer is over. After a brief mourning for the lost season, I banish them to wash not to be seen again...

Love Over Gold
Posted by Michael Roeder | Oct 18, 2013

Love Over Gold is the name of a new collaboration between Pieta Brown and Australian singer-songwriter Lucie Thorne, who met during a tour of the land down under a couple...

Album Reviews
Posted by Michael Roeder | Oct 10, 2013

The White Elephant  The White Elephant (“Fly”) The history of distortion effects on guitars dates back to what is usually considered the first rock and roll song, “Rocket 88.”...

Pieta Brown
Posted by Michael Roeder | Oct 1, 2013

Pieta Brown is bringing her latest music project, Love Over Gold, to the grand CSPS stage in Cedar Rapids Wednesday. The two-piece project consists of Brown and...

Mickey Hart
Posted by Michael Roeder | Aug 2, 2013

Mickey Hart is playing at the Englert Theatre on August 8 at 8:00 p.m. -- photo by George Burrows Although most people know Mickey Hart as one member of the...

Posted by Michael Roeder | Jul 12, 2013

I’ve mentioned on these pages before that my first time in a bar underaged was seeing Bo Ramsey and the Sliders playing Potter’s Mill in Bellevue, IA.

John Reilly and Friends
Posted by Michael Roeder | Jun 20, 2013

"I really like playing music -- there is an immediate connection between you and the audience and it’s one of the reasons I love doing plays, too." -- John C....

Posted by Michael Roeder | May 24, 2013

Little Village caught up with frontman Joey Burns as he was waiting for a table at the restaurant Cochon in New Orleans during a visit for a performance at Jazz...