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Leah Vonderheide

Posted by Leah Vonderheide | Nov 30, 2017

This November, FilmScene announced a new edition to their movie-loving family: Rebecca Fons joined the staff as the programming director of Iowa City’s four-year-old downtown cinema.

Posted by Leah Vonderheide | Sep 19, 2017

Setting up in small towns from Minnesota to Texas, the Brintons’ traveling cinema show was for most Midwesterners of the era a first encounter with moving images. Unfortunately, in 1919,...

Posted by Leah Vonderheide | Aug 4, 2017

On their wedding night, Katherine’s husband, Alexander, asks if she is cold, and asserts, “This house gets very cold.” But Katherine smiles at him reassuringly and insists in earnest, “I’m...