Framing synchronicity: Cheryl Jacobsen’s exhibition “Pins, Bones, Gold & Games” opens Friday

Cheryl Jacobsen teaches calligraphy at the renowned University of Iowa Center for the Book, and has assembled artifacts of random finds, collaged to shape, rather than tell, textured stories. […]

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Alphabet City fills RADinc with graffiti art

A one-week show of Midwest graffiti artists entitled “Alphabet City — Style Reading” will be at RADinc (123 E. Washington St) this week. It’s a temporary show that includes a collaborative mural by five artists: Mike Stenerson, Gary White, Kenny Morgan, Brian Schultz and Gage Cox. […]

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Charlotte Cain — in her own words, and on exhibit in Fairfield

Charlotte Cain exhibit ICON Gallery, Fairfield — through Oct. 22 Several years ago, during an exhibition of her work at Bill Teeple’s ICON gallery in Fairfield, Iowa, Charlotte Cain began a talk, “Two things: First I want to talk about lines. When you make a line, you’ve got to feel it; it’s like dancing. I’m […]

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