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Helaina Thompson

Posted by Helaina Thompson | Jun 20, 2017

Before the table is set and the salad is tossed, dinner with the Graf-Sherburne family begins with a bicycle ride -- training wheels optional.

Posted by Helaina Thompson | Jun 6, 2017

Cadry Nelson’s dinner table is not centered in the middle of her dining room. Instead it’s pushed to one side, so the head of the table meets a window where...

Posted by Helaina Thompson | May 16, 2017

“Finally” seems to be the most frequently expressed response to the recent opening of Nile, an Ethiopian restaurant just off the Coralville strip. Finally Iowa City transplants who once hailed...

Posted by Helaina Thompson | Mar 19, 2017

“They’re about the size of your eyelash when you get ‘em.” -- Denny Rehberg, Rehberg Pork and Shrimp On their Linn County farm, Lea and Denny Rehberg raise shrimp alongside...

Posted by Helaina Thompson | Sep 25, 2016

Women on Fire Pullman Bar & Diner -- Monday, Sept. 26 at 6 p.m. There’s no question: Many women love to cook. Traditionally, a woman’s role was -- and for...

Posted by Helaina Thompson | Aug 2, 2016

Photo by Helaina Thompson Dumplings -- adorably bite­-sized pockets of dough packed with various fillings -- excel in convenience. At Dumpling Darling on Dubuque Street in Iowa City (their brick...

Men and Yoga
Posted by Helaina Thompson | Feb 3, 2016

Illustration by Jared JewellIn the past ten years, exactly one man has made the cover of Yoga Journal. Matt Pesendian’s March 2011 cover, featuring the California-based yoga instructor seated in...